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Property Maintenance

Maintaining your yard and gardens can be an overwhelming task. Keep your garden looking bright all year round with a mulching, pruning and clean-up plan. Take care of those pesky weeds in the flower beds and turn your property into an outdoor living space you can comfortably enjoy.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Clauss Brothers Landscaping Inc. is here to assist as the seasons change. From piles of leaves on your property, to sticks and debris that collected throughout the winter months, to pruning trees and shrubs, we can make your property stand out.


With a variety of garden mulches to choose from – triple ground bark mulch, black dyed, brown dyed and playground wood chips – improve the appearance of the garden beds and trees surrounding your home or business. Mulching does more than just add esthetics, it retains moisture in your garden’s soil, deters weed growth, protects plants against extreme temperatures, and adds valuable nutrients to the soil.

Weed Control

Determine which weeds are affecting your property with expert weed control services. Safely apply top-notch professional herbicides to keep your soil inhospitable to weed growth. A weed prevention plan will keep future weeds at bay.

Pruning & Trimming

Regular trimming and pruning should be completed to ensure that your shrubs and trees remain in top health, while promoting the plant’s natural shape.

Stump Grinding Removal

If you’ve had a tree removed and it’s stump ground out, you may be left with an unsightly pile of grindings. Clauss Brothers Landscaping Inc. is here remove the pile so that you can reclaim your space!

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